feeling crossposters give me:

* person is not actually here
* person automatically drops some twitter posts off here
* person is basically a bot
* person makes it look like they are here ... until they retweet something (feeling "tricked")

@milan I know some people who use both equally, but honestly I don't see a point in keeping Twitter
@piggo @milan I think at this point I'm keeping Twitter exclusively to interact with one occasional radio show

@milan it's a thin line. I syndicate but I am also here so I wager that's fine. Iktf tho and if there is basically just dumping but no interaction I don't follow [long].

@milan I am using a single app for the bird site and Mastodon. Each time I read a toot like this, I feel less welcome. I can assure you I read, what I want to read, get notifications and reply. At this point just Mastodon would not be a solution, as I consume news-tweets where probably the alternative would be regularly using the book. And I dislike the book more.

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