:tchncs: :matrix: Our Matrix server has been updated to Synapse v1.6.0 🚀

ℹ️ Release announcement:

ℹ️ More about this server:

@milan Have you considered hosting an #XMPP server next to #Matrix? I just checked out Synapse's code repo for the first time and realized it's Python.. No wonder I've been hearing everywhere how bloated and resource-hungry Synapse is.

@stevenroose they are working on a golang server - however the xmpp server of tchncs is existing and older than the matrix one :)

@milan Oh interesting! Do you have some usage stats? Like # active users on both? I heard about a Matrix Go server about 2 years ago as well, is that the same project?
Which XMPP server do you host, btw? ejabberd or Prosody?

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