my dad sais that a video where he builds an vintage/prewar motorcycle from parts wouldn't be watched - i think it would get like a ton of views. what do you think?

@milan I think such a video should exist, but it's not in my interests personally.

@milan If you publish it on PeerTube I would be interested.

@milan For me, unfortunately, there is no correct answer in the vote. I watch many such videos about my interests, e.g. woodwork. The subject is not one of my interests, but I am sure that many others would be interested and watch a video series. Give it a try!

@ubo yea i was thinking about some "my friends would watch it" answer, but then it was too late^^

This is the type of thing I would totally watch on a youtube trip, although it's not really my field of interest (but I know at least one guy who'd be really keen)
If done well*, it could be quite successful, nevermind the poll. Even 0.1% of the online population are still millions...

* overlong intros, and not-getting-to-the-point ... my main reason to stop watching is people talking without saying anything, and long repetitive sequences.

@milan videos like that are really popular online, and when people from Germany or elsewhere in Europe act natural and don't try to copy the stereotypical American Youtuber (who is often always trying to hustle for views/ad revenue etc) they appeal more to a wider age group (I know a lot of older chaps in England who watch Meister Jambo repair radios/TVs etc, even though these are long videos and German is not their first language)

@milan uch denke es würde geguckt, aber nicht von mir. Wo klick ich jetzt?!

@milan oh fuck that sounds like a dope as hell video (or video series even)
@milan I'd watch the shit out of that, especially if the engine needs assembling also.

As someone that watches a fair bit of people putting stuff together; some suggestions:

- Make sure you have a good microphone if you're going to talk. Be clear and meaningful.
- Loud-er music only over sped up video
- Camera should be as stable as possible
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