thinking about not wearing my garmin 24/7 as my skin is not a fan of it long term :/

@milan I wear it 24/7 .... except showering.....

@jr that's what i do but now i had to switch arms after some months due to some skin irritation - each time i do this, the skin on the other arm has to get used to it ... it's not ideal

@milan that's indeed not ideal.... hope it won't end like this with me.... just have it since cristmas

@jr i have mine for ... one and a half? two years? not sure at this point soo... 🤷 ^^

@milan I got mine a few months back and haven't had it off long. Occasionally at night. Definitely not in the shower

@milan switch wrists after a week or two. That's what I do.

@milan plastic strap? I replaced the strip of my watch with metal, way better.

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