if i was hosting a server, would there be a simple way for user accounts / persistent permission control, that would also be simple for regular users to use?
wasn't there something with / ? if they could easily join as guests it may work out?

@milan jitsi meet has no accounts. you just open the room url and you are in

you can just host it now and destroy it after 2 weeks. it will have served many people in that time and they can just use a different server from the list then

matrix uses jitsi meet internally for voice/video conferences.

@davidak as far as i figured out, matrix (synapse) is still using coturn, but riot-web has jitsi options... we need to be able to tell people a roomlink and password multible days in advance... this means the password must remain and the moderation permissions too

@milan @davidak as far as I know jitsi can do jwt authentication, which means that you can connect any app by writing your own simple Auth bridge that sets a proper jwt cookie. Maybe this helps?

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