hmm somebody gave me a macbook pro in the hope that i can help them - they ignored space warnings until it was frozen and refused to boot - right now 7.8G of space are available (97% used) - i am trying to rm the latest bigger (4.4G) file from terminal in rescue ...well ... the command is running since about 20min and smart is not supported diskutil states ... but scanning the volume after booting rescue took a very very long time too... :think_bread:


okey i boosted this in the hope for some hints ... disk running out of space (only almost tho) and breaking at the same time (or maybe apfs?) would be a weird coincidence i think.
here is some more info: it's a mid '15 mbp with nvme storage.
even autocompleting directorynames with <tab> would freeze that command and it would not be possible to ^C it.
right now i am backing up with hdiutil - at least this seems to work. for now.

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...and diskutil states smart would not be supported. i cannot use the gui one as it wouldn't get past scanning for disks

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xD making a bootable macOS drive out of my experimental macOS kvm was surprisingly easy and handy

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though, at least booting this one normally makes access to the broken internal drive entirely impossible :/

searching for different mount options...

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i've now added ddrescue and smartmontools with homebrew to the kvm and copied them into the rescue pendrive - having that kvm really pays off right now :)
...too bad that things like caffainate just freeze away so i am not sure how to prevent this stupid suspends except watching it ddrescuing ... and i should have added the watch bin

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lol it seems to freeze my vm just the original one it is an apfs error after all huh

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well then.. stuck at "invalid key order", "snapshot is invalid" - except that there is no snapshot listed with tmutil.

...time for bed i'd say

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by the way - it was tricky but i was able to extract more stuff with the macos vm from the diskimage, the vm acted similar and everything graphical froze away, but through the terminal things were still possible.
i further was able to see that the disk was healthy with smartmontools while internal applications stated smart wasn't supported.
i have nuked the partition table with an archlinux pendrive and initiated the reinstallation of macos afterwards.

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@shellkr it is apfs :/
tried to improve things with a macos livestick but there is no big difference in the overall experience ... also tried to erase the vm volume but its stuck at 38%

@milan ohh.. well... there are experimental support of apfs but have no clue how well it works.

@milan Sounds very much like a failing drive. Run `log stream` before accessing the disk from a diagnostic boot (from ext. disk or network). You'll probably see disk access errors.

Then replace disk (if possible, I forget if it's one of the everything is soldered on machines) and restore from time machine backup.

Or if no backup, give user pack of tissues for tears and educational speech, then optionally waste lots of time trying to claw back a few bytes of incomplete data ;-)

@yngmar there is no such command in the rescue system... however dmesg seems fine

fsck_apfs ...freezes

@yngmar odd: i just realized that it thinks it's yesterday - while i was doing things it did a quickcheck and the filesystem was clean ..., not sure why it freezes when i request it

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@milan Apple is like Microsoft. But if you have Macos drivers only for the hardware, do it.

You can only learnif you smash or brake things...

Smartmontools read only infomation, of your hard drives firmware...

@christal i... i am not sure how you mean this... did you read the thread for context? :think_bread:

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