hmm somebody gave me a macbook pro in the hope that i can help them - they ignored space warnings until it was frozen and refused to boot - right now 7.8G of space are available (97% used) - i am trying to rm the latest bigger (4.4G) file from terminal in rescue ...well ... the command is running since about 20min and smart is not supported diskutil states ... but scanning the volume after booting rescue took a very very long time too... :think_bread:

okey i boosted this in the hope for some hints ... disk running out of space (only almost tho) and breaking at the same time (or maybe apfs?) would be a weird coincidence i think.
here is some more info: it's a mid '15 mbp with nvme storage.
even autocompleting directorynames with <tab> would freeze that command and it would not be possible to ^C it.
right now i am backing up with hdiutil - at least this seems to work. for now.

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...and diskutil states smart would not be supported. i cannot use the gui one as it wouldn't get past scanning for disks

@milan You could probably use a Linux boot usb to not be affected of the full disc.

@shellkr it is apfs :/
tried to improve things with a macos livestick but there is no big difference in the overall experience ... also tried to erase the vm volume but its stuck at 38%

@milan ohh.. well... there are experimental support of apfs but have no clue how well it works.

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