:mastodon: ℹ️ Partypeople, the spread of misinformation, hate and fear around covid-19 and other stuff is getting out of hand. We want this instance to be a happy place and do not support conspiracy.
Starting today, we will go after this more strictly. Affected accounts may get a warning for their behavior first, missing insight will result in suspension.
Some accounts may get suspended without warning, if they act too aggressively.
We will act based on proven facts.

i maybe would have had to ban myself around 2012, thats the irony :)

@milan @TheConstructor flatearther confirmed! About to pack my luggage and leave. Iam taking the kids with me! I'll go for full custody.


Just listened me to some Richard Dawkins, and all other thoughts aside (because I do think there're some things he's missing), this quote is just so very relevant to this thread (sorry for YT-link:

There is such a thing as being wrong about things, and while opinions often can't be proven, "opinion" is not a replacement for acknowledging available evidence.

@milan Finde ich gut, es muss ja nicht so ausgehen wie in Twitter!

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