everything about matrix is so big ... the db is so big (uncompressed) ... and the media store ... i am not sure because i dont have realtime stats of this, but i am currently moving it to s3 and its close to overtaking the mastodon container in terms of size ...

@milan so nothing's changed even though others have told me these problems no longer exist, got it.
@milan just overall waste-of-space. When I ran it, I was doing like 7 IRC bridges that I ran myself and a year's worth of IRC chats and very, very few native Matrix chats took up about 30GB of space vs the < 500MB of my traditional but verbose IRC logs.

@ShinIce good question, the mirror froze at 257 G, du -sh returned 4.4 T (obviously wrong) and mastodon is at 251 G - i am trying to figure it out atm

@ShinIce this is not clear, but what we can say is that it is more in less time

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