langsam bin ich mit dieser hetzner storagebox durch :angry_trump:

what storage providers do you recommend? my current one is too unreliable and frequently breaks (or keeps them locked) my backups due to timeouts...

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Eben 32 kbs upload.
Und nein, ich hatte nicht das modem wieder aus dem keller geholt.
Schade, bislang machte hetzner einen guten eindruck auf mich. :/

@gnarf bei sowas fliegt (und flog) mir dann irgendwann halt restic weg und hinterlässt nen lock, das ist ziemlich ungeil

@gnarf mit meinen servern bin ich auch schon mehrere jahre zufrieden...aber diese storagebox...^^

@milan hab bis dato keine Probleme gehabt. Was sagt der support dazu?

@ShinIce vielleicht hast du hast du immer gute zeiten erwischt oder andere workloads als ich...

@milan valider Punkt den ich nicht bedacht habe 😅 habe dass teil idR bei Nacht in Verwendung und hab nichts negatives gesehen, aber auch die paar mal unter tags waren ok, daher die Frage 😉

@ShinIce jo macht ja auch sinn... aber viel mehr als "störung" oder zu hohe auslastung antworten die sicher eh nicht - ist ja shared^^

@milan using a storagebox too and it's worked great so far

@milan that's interesting cuz I'm using the same without much trouble.

Say, did you ever try cifs (with seal) mount instead of ssh? Also are you aware that there are connection (as in count) limits depending on the package?

Anyway, there is not much beside the usual cloud stuff. Strato want's to sell their HiDrive (other protocols may cost), others are usually "S3 compatible" but beside Scaleway (imho their o-Storage is not suited) you may mayhap like 1blu tho it can not compete with $$$.

@bekopharm ive actually used cifs exclusively before and now tried sftp because this is a bit less annoying than broken mounts...
i maybe should check how many connections restic opens, however the problems are not quite reproducable, sometimes everything is fine for weeks, sometimes there are multiple days (such as now), where it randomly fails, which leaves the restic lock and sometimes causes other mounts - such as for the peertube media - to break..

@milan I use automount for this so in case the connection breaks eventually (and that is kinda normal due to the nature of this) it's usually back within seconds.

Restic and lock file are a b****. You could run without but that's not a good idea. Split my restic jobs up. They are chained together (systemd makes this easy) and the last step 'stats' (informative only) removes any lock file. Results of each step go back to monitoring (including percentage threshold triggers in place).

@bekopharm ive actually used that too but the remount keeps failing in such a case and my systemlog gets flooded with mount errors

@milan oh wow. This sucks. Did you ever raise a ticket for this? cuz I can totally not relate.

@bekopharm i didn't ...maybe i should, but then i assume the support cannot do much about it, not sure

@milan give it a try. There are some awesome ppl working there. Good luck :)

You may also poke @schenklklopfer - posts a lot of backup related content :)

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