hosting synapse be like... and this is neither a peak nor do i have enough worker processes yet (this is not about ram)

@milan that‘s why i dropped synapse from my server

@milan Maybe someone writes another implementation in rust or some other language with better optimization... I can't imagine "just a chat server" consumed such extensive resources if done right. But I have no insight into what is necessary... so maybe this is the best that can be done, who knows. ^^

@Faldrian there are such projects but afaik no "finish" ones

@Milan Meanwhile my prosody server. I wonder how many users you have currently online and if its comparable to my server. And yeah, its never too late. Xmpp awaits with open arms :P
@milan this is part of why I went with XMPP...less resource demanding

@milan That's why I run the server for just me and a few friends...
iirc, a lot of it is to blame on the presence as your server just updates a lot of servers...

A different implementation (in something like Rust or Go) would make the load a lot less, however, it's still inherent to the way the architecture itself works :\

@Aroop Roelofs I wonder if it would make any difference to database size.

@Milan Whats your DB size (with uncompressed groups_state_gorup)?
@Milan roflmao. Oh. You are reaching the point where we decided, fuck that. I wont build private azure datacenter to host a text based chat for 200 people online (user count generally is bogus anyway you should out of curiocity check how many people at a given time use your instance to realize how bad things are).

I know it's not the first time you are in this situation and I know you care about your users and dont want to disapoint them. I know the feeling. I was there. Even spent 2k euros in extra equipment to keep up with matrix, but at some point you need to make decission. Those numbers there will keep growing even if you close registrations for new users and there is no way to put them down (you can do tricks like tabke compression but thats besides the point). DB will keep on growin as long as there is activity in the rooms.
Suprisingly most of the community form my server did move to xmpp when we decided to pivot from matrix back to xmpp. To the point we had to bridge to matrix because the matrix room (with back then wooping 5k "ghost" users was dead silent for months). And people are happy that their instant messenger is actually instant :) And I am happy I can provide solid platform that eats resources you would think text base dmesaging should take. I could still run it off of raspberry pi.
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