as somebody wo is bad at using multiple platforms, i wouldn’t actually mind stories in mastodon

@farshidhakimy because there is an outcry on twitter as there this feature was just introduced too @sid

Could somenody explain what "stories" in this context are supposed to be?
I don't do Facebook or Twitter, never have, and all I know is that they get lots of hate on Twitter and somethingsomething misuse.

(or just give me a link -- I searched and read through a bunch of Twitter threads but still have no idea what they are, only that some people hate them...)

@Mr_Teatime on twitter it seems that they are called fleets. not sure about how they behave on twitter but its mainly i guess max 20sec videos that get deleted after 24h. ...instagram copied snapshat basically, facebook integrated that feature, now twitter got it too... new stories show up on top in a short first row of your feed, it autoplays to all new stories if you tab on it

okay ... so, without actually seeing thwm on action:
* video is expensive for the server, so deleting it after a while could be useful
* showing up on top: not so sure... Twitter people seem to jate the ide of messing with their timeline, and I'd tend to agree
* but sometimes I'm behind by a few days on mastodon ... so maybe rather delete after ...don't know, all addressees have watched/dismissed it?
* no public posts because that's a "I never claimed X" propaganda tool.

* users should be able to save them (locally would be enough), because I just realized how they could be used for extensive gaslighting or similar. So keeping proof that somebody said something could be important. Otherwise, they'd have to be limited to one's own followers.

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