oh wow just realized that nextclouds calendar app is marked as incompatible with nextcloud 20+ - are you kidding me...

@Billie yet it is disabled by default after updating nextcloud, which is a terrible user experience... wasnt this some kind of a core app?!


enable it. :-) Nextcloud is not famous for smooth updates 😕

Every 3-4 updates, I have to fix something from the console, the worst thing was one time I even had to insert some rows manually from the sql console....

Had this as well. The app for Shared Ressources was disabled after an Upgrade because it was "not compatible". As @Billie says, just enable it.
My user got angry as the shopping list was not available anymore 😂

@anonimno @milan @Billie Exactly the reason keeping me from nextcloud and staying with a simple davx5 based setup - a generic todo checklist does that part of the requirements also.

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