getting into is surprisingly annoying… recommendations for beginner friendly server software and self service apps? (i know and try to understand pwm so far)


Not sure if we have/had the same goal:

In need for a single password for my users for multiple (web)services I host, I had a look at LDAP (in the end not even sure if it would have been a good solution), did not like it very much and ended up using as identity provider, SSO- and TOTP-provider and like it quite a lot.

It also has a self-service-module:


@hanser hmm thank you, this looks quite interesting.. i have deployed a testinstance and will have a closer look tomorrow... i guess the usecase is similar: groups (communities) of users shall get one login for multiple services such as nextcloud and matrix, and they should be able to modify things like mail and password by themself. it seems like keycloak can do that, yay :)


Sorry for quite never answering your calls for software recommendations directly but more with a: "Hey, have a look over there..." -- to address the issue from a different perspective -- which you did not ask for in the first place.

I think this was pretty similar to the situation which led to your exploration of invoiceplane/invoiceninja. Do you have invoiceninja in use now, by the way?

@hanser i am confused... but its past midnight ... yes, i do have and use incoiceninja now. v5 is still at a young state and it shows at some places, but overall it does what i need and stuff


I was talking about this:

You were asking for some libreoffice support and finally installed an invoice-framework

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