i am thinking about offering an openid service, so users could have one account for a number of services. this would for example come in handy for better control of Plume/Gitlab spamaccounts (if openid was supported) and at times where Matrix signup needs to be temporarely closed. And maybe for giving out Nextcloud accounts.
however, depending on what services would be allowed by default, it would require me to review already existing accounts to avoid abuse, in order to allow any access.

i wonder if this would be too complicated for interested users, or if there are a few who would like to use and request such an account.
(signup would be possible, but services would only be accessible after review)

@milan oh if you do _please_ do add IndieAuth as well:

Would be icing on the cake for people like me who wish to stay in control over their online identity.

See also

@bekopharm sorry, this might not be possible... i was considering a Keycloak setup

@milan at this point I'm afraid to ask what that is 😅

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