@milan I really like this Game, but inserting black bars in videos to make them "cinematic" instead of just exporting it in a fitting resolution triggers me a little bit..

@koyax while you are busy with black bars, i wonder if i have seen your username on our server today... because i guess i didn't :angry_trump:

@koyax (that aside, i think whoever did this video, got alot of potential and we can look forward to future ones.)

@milan Hmm after reading my comment again, my response sounds a little rude I guess. I really like the trailer and I am with you on this point!

@milan Yea, you didn't.. 😅 I'm actually sitting in the peruvian jungle right now and don't have the proper hardware to join you guys right now. But I will after my return to Germany in December!

@koyax hope ur having a great time 👌
awaiting your arrival impatiently 😉

@milan Thanks ❤️ 😎 . Can't wait to try get my hands on it. Especially after enjoying CubeWorld back in the days..

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