that sheeps back there motivated me to take a photo into these vines ... worked out great with 14mm fullframe 😂


even tho that's an experimental photo, i quite like it.
that's with the cheap all-manual 14mm f2.8 lens btw

random photo attempt with that lens - with unexpected shadow xD

here is another shot
(reposted due to a late night error in the edit ;))

mmh the edges are softer than expected/hoped in many testimages so far... this might become problematic in some situations :think_bread:

but for my current budget, this might be okey for now... currently prioritizing a proper, used 70-200, let's see what i have purchased, the seller does not respond. hoping to get what was photographed, not what was described lol

@milan Do you know the sheeps breed? They're looking very small - are they Ouessants?

@milan Sorry, but you're the smallest breed on the european continent. But you're also one of the cutest one.

@antiphasis der witz is ja, die leute finden das süß wenn der anspielungen macht, wir haben da etwas größeres, da habe ich eine etwas andere assoziation :D

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