it sucks having to use alt+0150 on windows for "–" ...because it became muscle memory and results in weird actions on linux/gnome where it's just altgr+- like it should be


TIL! And I am incredibly grateful!

like... – I – don't – know – what – to – say...

No windows over here luckily :)


Speaking of useful keyboard "hacks" and since I now know that you use gnome:
In the gnome tweak tool you can remap _caps lock_ to actually be something useful and not the probably most annoying thing related to computers.

... I can't be the only one pressing it unintentionally and freaking out about it, am I?


With the neo2 layout, you just have to press shift (Mod2) and "-" to get "—" (a bit longer than your "–"). Should work on Windows, too.

@mstrohm at least here on linux right now, mod2 btw is num_lock :think_bread:


Oh, ok. I only knew Mod2 as another term for the shift key.

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