Hmm... they do look interesting, if a little expensive, but so are .
I may need to do a little comparison before deciding which to buy for my next phone

Because the display on my stupid Xiaomi F1 is acting up again, and cracked again for no good reason, because it's just too thin and has glass in all the wrong places (i.e. all the way to the corners...). At least it runs LineageOS.


@Mr_Teatime well i think fairphone simply cannot afford making phones cheaper yet – but for me it's also not so simple... i had "bad" androids in the past, mainly in context of bad / becoming worse lineageos coverage... right now i am on an iphone 8 and pretty satisfied with the experience – and i can rely on for me important features such as camera since apple supports the phone for a long time and the phone is uptodate and reliable.

i have ordered a fp4 for my parents tho

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