One of our hosters is scheduling a maintenance for December 6, 10:15am CET for max 45min.
Affected services at machine [T1 Contabo] include mail, cloud, pad, xmpp, matrix proxy and well-known (delegation), and a few more.
See also: :tchncs:

@milan Right now, Matrix seems to be down already. Is that according to plan?

@milan Can you elaborate? Are things under control, though or is this an unplanned outage that may take a while?

@johannes i didn't see the uptime warning earlier this morning... telegram is kinda broken on my hackintosh and the push msgs didn't show up on my phone somehow. was already wondering why netdata didn't complain about this nights backup.

from what i can tell as of now, the database backup ran out of memory in a way that everything that was running somewhat locked up.

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