:mastodon: dear mastodon users of , our queue workers ran into problems a few hours ago. right now it is working again and i made some changes. however:
1. it might take a moment for it to keep up with the queue
2. the cause of that issue was not 100% clear, so it might happen again, but i am watching closely and have increased loglevels to better see what's going on.

i have put an automated restart of the queue worker for every 3h in place for now (shortest known time until outage is 12h)

@milan @Cedara @meldrian My posts from the last hour do not appear in the "Local Timeline". Is this a technical problem, censorship or am I missing something? I mention "censorship" because someone blocked me right on my first post, which I found a strange discussion culture. Is it okay to post to all 3 of you or is it too much? Thanks! Michael Und wann mir hier deutsch oder englisch schreibt, ist mir auch nicht klar...

@ml there might have been a spike in activity, causing a delay until they get visible in your feed – right now everything should be fine @Cedara @meldrian

@Cedara @ml @meldrian eventuellk war ein kurzer anstieg an zu verarbeitenen events, wodurch die darstellung der eigenen toots in der timeline nicht sofort verarbeitet werden konnte – im moment schauts gut aus... aus meiner perspektive

@milan Das könnte einiges bei mir erklären - danke Milan!

@milan Danke für das rasche drum kümmern! 💙

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