fritzbox now distributing the starlink network in the home - we have around 40-105+/- mbit right now down - up around 4-25... so upload sometimes a bit worse, sometimes same or more than o2 lte (unless o2 lte is broken anyway)

changes each time i measure 🤷

adobe updates pretty stable, only photoshop is a bit weird

was watching youtube in 4k without impact or even realizing it for a while lol

@milan From your description, it seems to be less stable.

@xoyo upload is sometimes less, download is always more than with o2 downloading a lightroom update was rocksolid interestingly - right now most times about 75mbit, dancing around 60-90

@milan Should be able to meet basic Internet needs?
Compared to wired networks, it becomes extremely flexible. Is the installation process complicated?

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