daisychaining the new screens works well so far:
- uefi: mirrors screens
- macos (hack): no signal from device
- linux: shows working screen as #2, #1 stays black, logoff results in a black screen #2
- windows: mirrors on boot, claims that the second screen is inactive


update: i was able to see macos booting up, but now i am left with two screens in standby after the amd driver was loaded .. why cant i have nice things

update: with two DP cables directly on the card it works ...on windows, but macOS does not send signal to the second screen – even tho it acts like it was there... never had such issues with my old ones :(

update again: i realized that MST was stil enabled – after connecting the macbook, it allowed me to factory reset and now macos sends signal to both displays lmao

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