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Milan @milan

cannot sleep, not feeling well and as usual it may have up to 4 potential reasons...

@milan geht mir ähnlich deswegen bastel ich alle Seiten von mir im SSLLabs auf nen A+ 😂

@christopher könntest du aber auch global für alle machen, je nach webserver^^

@milan ja aber nicht alle Header Optionen laufen halt auch mit jeder Software so einfach ^^ Und was heißt hier je nach Webserver ? Mir kommt nur Nginx ins Haus :p

also for odd reasons i almost wouldn't mind going for a run right now, 1:51am xD - i don't think i should

@milan why not?  the night air might be really nice.

@awg it actually may be just awesome, very windy but not too cold but i need sleep...i would prefer to be able to sleep as i already have not enough.

@awg it is also very cloudy but not a dark night, very interesting.

@awg uh but the raindrop's are a bit cold ^.^

@milan too bad :-(  sounded otherwise pleasant for a run!