ICYMI: Server Status information can be found at status.nofftopia.com

@milan I needed something that wasn’t local because if my server is completely down, a local status thingy wouldn’t be too useful 🙃

@Admin sure .. i use a useraccess based hoster for this purpose. uberspace.

@milan what is uberspace? And more importantly, is it free? Lol


@Admin minimum 1€ month you get useraccess, i guess ten gig of space, webserveraccess, i think even mailserver access is included, not sure, i use it only for cachet. you can play around with ... how was it called? toast? and homebrew i think?

@milan Toast? Yum lol. Anywho, I’ll just use tumblr and manually update the status from my phone lol. I get emails automatically whenever theres an issue, so its not a big deal to update the status manually and save money. I can be frugal at times lol

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