Ich bin jetzt offizieller Besitzer von drei Gemeinde-Infokästen, hihi

Green energy on organic farmland

took alot of photos there, not sure if this is going to be the final one :)

35mm samples ... almost no sunlight left, i had random back/front focus issues with ciara but i think this is caused by the light/shutterspeed, curious about tomorrow...
didn't edit the photos, just resized them

i had the amazing idea to close the nextcloud window and to relaunch it using the entry from the actionbar ... thing ... :wat:
on the upside: i discovered fancy blur in context menus

manjaro first impressions: unlocking screen failed

hahaaa von wegen kaputter druckkopf, nach reset und jetzt eingetroffenen neuen patronen tuts das ding auch! 10€ Drucker!

mal schnell fürn erste hilfe kurs anmelden ... oh guckmal, ein bug :3
...die frau am telefon meint ich solls am freitag nochmal versuchen xD

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