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Dr. Oetker Dessert-Soße Vanille Geschmack

Zutaten: StΓ€rke, Farbstoff (Carotin), Aroma, Salz

yay finally ... and test 1/2 succeded too \o/

takes around two hours already...will it succeed?

look magic paradise clouds!

old macbook is glowing right now xD

micro from yesterday's evening run, one of a bunch sitting on the street

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It was hot..i was slow..but the world was beautiful and i finished my 17k route again. The air is full of tiny insects, making it sometimes complicated to breath esp when one lands in the nose lol.
I have seen deers, rabbits and a young fox and lots of micro toads. :3

morning sky...right after that a glowing deep orange/red ball was rising and...was away above the clouds

testing google podcasts worked well for some seconds, cache clear and reboot not helping xD
(i am happy with podcast addict anyway)

this mornings record was 14mb until network interruption so i try something new as i have to go afk now