led strip off means randomly placed stars for many many hours ✨

without me having that button on my donation site, usage increases... thats interesting.
i have added it again now

ein schöner tag um mal wieder ne externe aufzubrechen. hat traditionell ein paar clips das leben gekostet lol

teufel noch eins, was für ein deal. :troll:

(verstehe ich hier was falsch, oder blockt man hiermit sein geld ohne einen nutzen daraus zu ziehen?)

speed comparison, windows vs macos on the same machine. if anything, the timeline got a little more complex on macos... and its crushing it on macos (in resolve btw)

disclaimer: both are on nvme drives and the macos one can in theory be a little faster...even tho macos benchmarks are not even close and match more or less the windows nvme drive 🤷‍♂️

it works!! ...however the ryzentosh was weirdly in suspend when ive returned... this should not happen automatically and everything froze and didnt recover on resume this time - while it previously always worked when put to sleep manually.

thats super odd :think_bread:

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hmmm resolve performs great but i cannot add transition effects in the middle of two clips... only workaround for now is kdenlive mode

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hmm not better than the vm but also not the bottleneck (granted thats not the entire picture of the disk performance)

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alright, network works, sound works (wooo) - not sure if it should verify xcode that long... it kinda blocked opening of further non-native apps...look at them dancing lol (and now they all wanted to get in focus while me typing)

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intended to boot the installer but it went directly into my qemu nvme … guess thats okey too. planning to try ryzen hackintosh natively now. followed that opencore guide with (a first) success

correction. it is well aware but instead of giving me control or the option to resume on the other device like spotify, it asks for moaar moneyyys (after i hit play somewhere else that is)

well... at least a way to pause the other device

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hmm i think the spotify client works better than this apple music electron thing at least...

hmm the dark mode setting for website does not change a thing and the experimental flag is so serious about it that it breaks themes

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