this restic restore kinda looks cool
to avoid confusion (oops): this graph shows memory usage

eine wunderschöne, riesengroße goldgelbe mondsichel ist soeben mit beeindruckender geschwindigkeit hinter den bäumen in der ferne abgetaucht... wow kann mich nicht erinnern das so schonmal gesehen zu haben ❤️ 🌙

i somehow gotta get a better photo of this some day

i believe this mini-update to the website makes sense (mainly just moved those buttons to the top and added the missing status button)

here is a little update for ... somewhere else - and later without crop and more tiny tweaks for 500px i think^^

didn't do in a while! this is a first with my 80d and also with the sigma1835art... shot at 5sec, iso3200 and 8sec iso2000, f/1.8
...a before/after will follow :)

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