i temporarely got a t495s and cant get the screen to wake up on resume, dafuq.
(ryzen, amdgpu, 5.8.x kernel)

You have 3:21 minutes of spare time and are curious about how I've got my AMD graphicscard quiet on ? Awesome, check out my new video!
:youtube: youtu.be/WnSHCzH_D3I
:peertube: tube.tchncs.de/videos/watch/07

Hey Partypeople, neugierig, wie ich meine AMD Grafikkarte unter leise bekommen habe?
Dann nehmt euch doch mal 4:44min Zeit und schaut euch mein kleines, feines Video dazu an!
Leider hat sich mein Smartphone zwischenzeitlich wichtig gefühlt, aber keine Sorge, das wird im Verlaufe des Videos seltener.
:youtube: youtu.be/rlLdorQ_vmA
:peertube: tube.tchncs.de/videos/watch/d9

why can't i mount anything, nothing get's recognized ... ah right, kernelupdate

your fav todo app for with some dav support and a proper app for android?
i failed finding something nice, the maybe best (or most complete) way for now seems to be gnome-todo + nextcloud + opentasks or how it is called on android, but the android app lacks features and gnome-todo doesn't integrate well into plasma for example... hmm

wow i think i just plug the receiver back into the computer directly instead of using the monitor - it's so buggy, just had a permanent buzz on the right speaker out of nowhere for example
further issues:
* buzz on screen wakeup/turnoff
* random deselect of sound output setting
* dpp becomes unavailable after screen suspend (workaround set up for this one)

it's deselected again -.-
(also i am afraid of turning on lockscreen and other screen-off/on operations because this does horrible noises)

ne gruppe ohne encryption ... leute spalten rum jfyi :matrix:


I need some tool that imports at least video files into year/month/day folders - i only know gthumb for but it does not support deinterlacing while importing. Ideas?

shutting down with the new graphicscard (because suspend is broken) is like: "waiting 1:30min for userprocess" and cards fans are speeding up. not cool.

just experiented odd behavior in 😛

just so in case this happens to you somewhen:
i recently activated numlock on my usb keyboard (from apple) - now i switched to bluetooth again (also from apple) and experienced that only few keys worked, mapped with numbers and related.
turned out that i had to plugin the usb keyboard again, disable numlock and everything worked as expected 😁

look at this, never seen this before on hardware! © 😀

had to replug my bluetooth adapter i am using for mouse and keyboard ... still not as reliable as hoped :/ ... i mean maybe it's not a / bluez related problem but .... 🙄

By the way for the people who still need a good alternative for Adobe Lightroom, have a look at darktable.org/ btw the faq on their page is really funny. 😉

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