vier overrides... naturgemäß teste ich meine änderungen, an der einen pflanze, die ich vergessen habe

*psst* new was born: Illuna aestiVal - Valley of Summer : 30000

minetest-modidee aus der dusche:

zeltplatz-ansagen-mod für , der für alle spieler eine audiodatei via command abspielt, zb für eventankündigungen 😂😂😂

i challenge you to win the eventprice of the @illunaminetest summer event before i finally be able to post about it from the official account.
it's a cool little item and the event looks simply amazing! ready? go! :minetest:

:minetest: does not deserve such a small playerbase - go, play

if your :minetest: performance is bad on windows, like frequent lags, go to settings->all settings->graphics->in-game->advanced, scroll down and select some direct3d option - this disables shaders though

i invite you open :minetest: instead of :minecraft: today, and explore great servers in the built-in serverlist of the client

would be great if such a cool screenshot would be possible with :minetest: one day
...this is @sebastian flying around btw

poor little macbook41, has to act as a server .... has to load huge objects into the map and to deliver them to the client :loading: :minetest:

1: ich habe verpasst warum fortnite ganz böse ist, man bringe mich bitte auf den neuesten stand
2: äh ja, das war der nächst beste einfall um zu checken ob die schlechte grafikperformance an macos oder liegt

... lol

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lol, some minutes ago on my server:

*** fortnite joined the game

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