poor little macbook41, has to act as a server .... has to load huge objects into the map and to deliver them to the client :loading: :minetest:

1: ich habe verpasst warum fortnite ganz böse ist, man bringe mich bitte auf den neuesten stand
2: äh ja, das war der nächst beste einfall um zu checken ob die schlechte grafikperformance an macos oder liegt

... lol

wow unhandy 💯
problems you don't run into when playing

lol, some minutes ago on my server:

*** fortnite joined the game

I have like a ton of great modding and event ideas for my :minetest: server but there ist still just a hand full of active (and great!) players - go play on @illunaminetest today (and tomorrow!) so it actually feels right to invest the time needed to implement those!

* sucht auf

* findet sponsored tweet über "Landestheater Oberpfalz"

:minetest: still needs more players - it's such a powerful alternative, give it a shot. :)
And yes, the real fun comes with plugins (called mods in this case)

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