Green energy on organic farmland

took alot of photos there, not sure if this is going to be the final one :)

flewers! 🌼
originally just a testshot, figured that my new lens got some frontfocus issues 😅
(not in this shot)

settings ... focus ... loooowering angle ... aaand - booom:

kinda the first test- with my new nd-filter today :3
found myself very undecided regarding the edit - i hope it's fine for your eyes :D

fooled around a bit with yet another from previous lowlight experiment :awesome:

Black Appenzeller Spitzhaube (dunno what it's called in english) - out of a series of photos i just took - this one turned out a bit too soft and noisy but i like it anyway... still undecided where to upload the big version, if even.. .

stolen from the cats ... in the meantime a different hen stole from this hen.

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