@milan mmh i actually like quite a few of them, should do some gallery-thing somewhere but cant decide where

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recent i took. there is a different version of this which remains a secret for now. this shot was unplanned and from far away at 300mm aps-c

...see @pupstime i can do this too and can even credit myself :troll:

aps-c at its paces (wasn't brave enough for slower shutterspeeds - was at 1/60-1/125, f/1.8, mainly iso1600)

that my main lens can do f/1.8 is amazing and often needed (events in a room with bad light), but the razer thin depth of field and the random misfocus of my 80d can result in headache 😅
i currently tend to use iso 320 at 200+ shutter speed, already a bit noisy this way but feels like a valid compromise...except the dof

testround two (or three?) .. i needed to set 35mm to the max value of +20, still not perfect but am i really allowed to complain with these results (the sharp area is not perfectly centered)?

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2017, i've published this image of a young blackbird: 500px.com/photo/230060967/Youn ... i now did a testedit on my thinkpad, on windows, to test how the trackpad behaves compared to linux (so much better omfg) .... it's time to re-release this photo 🔥

Here are two fresh workshop photographs ... of a workshop that shares the space with a chickenfeed grinder. 😉

i call this one 'photo of the day'... or week... or month.
sorry for the repost, i made her brighter - after some further work i may try to put it to 500px i think.

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