Testing my new v-run shoes, pretty amazing feeling but still some kinda quality issues which actually hurt but may wear off. But yea, like them more than my old v-trail.
Also used an unusual beautiful route :3

Powered by the prodigy and a banana 🔥
Not sure why strava ignores this but this is my fastest 10k yet as far as i and garmin think. boom.👊

A quicky with light rain and music (korpiklaani) instead of the usual podcasts...i love rainy runs ♥️

Alright, this time the entire route i planned recently! 🔥
Shorter than expected though but i was late and ran into the night unexpectedly, so it’s legit... luckily these nights are bright!

I finally explored this place! Not amazingly beautiful but i was curious about it. It was however followed by something very beautiful!
First kilometers harsh cold wind, exhausting - later backwind resulting in a bit of overheating due the lack of aircooling ... luckily in the end it started to rain. <3

...i had my fun. :3

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