Die Verbreitung von Fehlinformation, Hass und Angst bezüglich Covid-19 und anderen Dingen nimmt zu. Diese Instanz soll ein angenehmer Ort sein, Verschwörungsmythen soll hier keine Bühne gegeben werden.

Wir gehen nun etwas strikter vor: betroffene Konten erhalten eine Warnung und mangelnde Kooperation wird zu Konto-Schließungen führen.

Einige Konten können ohne Warnung entfernt werden, wenn sie zu aggressiv handeln.

Wir gehen hierbei so faktenbasiert und fair wie möglich vor.

:tchncs: server has been updated to synapse v1.20.0 ✅

The T1 machine became unreachable and e.g. reboot through the webinterface is not accessible, the hoster is reporing ISP issues, so i gonna wait a minute. contabo-status.de/

Affected services: status.tchncs.de

why is there no pixelfed :pixelfed: instance yet?
because on the current state federation is not working well and i do not want to serve you an instance with a quite old codebase (latest release) nor do i want to make it public without proper federation

first attempts of splitting the matrix server into workers for performance have been made... as for now for federation. lets see how it is after i finally slept a few hours - but loadwise it looks a bit promising :tchncs:

:mastodon: our Mastodon instance has just been updated to v3.2.0!
Updates include a new audio player and personal notes for accounts, the overall changelog is huge: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

:tchncs: :pixelfed: update
* experimental instance
* federation seems to work except avatars in notifications and ...comments, which worked yesterday but fail to arrive today
* using netstorage for now as s3 url was malformed, but will retry

little maintenance at the matrixserver, sorry for the interruption, i am now interrupted myself as i have to visit our chickens quickly :/

⚠️ :tchncs: Partypeople, something has changed:
The old bankaccount can/should no longer be used for donations, as this kind of usage is violating the terms of service for the account-type i selected to protect me against bad actors.
If you chose to donate monthly (thank you so much!), please update your bankers order to the new account, which is now listed at tchncs.de/donate

Sorry for the inconvenience 😇

just updated mastodon to the latest security release v3.1.5 :tchncs:

somebody managed to make a company debit € 79 from our bank account for the donations yesterday... nice job dude, this shouldn't even be supported by that account.
now i've tried to explain to the company that they didn't mix up customers, for the third time... they are from france and their english appears not to be that solid :/
bank didn't reply yet, will call them today

i think i'll finally shut our taiga instance down by the end of this month as nobody really used it in more than two years.
i will also silently replace its entry on our website with plume :tchncs:

on our instance, the timelines have been cleaned up, so they don't show duplicates anymore and due to the recent update, no new duplicates should appear. :)

our instance at write.tchncs.de has been updated to 0.5.0 - the number it shows (0.4.0) is wrong as it wasn't updated in the project before they did the release

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