i don't know why there is a toot from 17 minutes ago, but our webserver was somehow blocked by the kernel - i was unable to find a solution and had to just reboot for now - due to time pressure, i will not be able to dig deeper on this until this evening and hope that we stay stable a while ... :tchncs:

non-jitsi calls on the :tchncs: :matrix: server should work as expected again, i forgot to do some small things when it was moved to a new machine, sorry for that

the machine was moved to a new host, io has been improved, let's watch it a little while (see the announcement for our media migration for context) ... :tchncs:

ℹ️ :peertube: :tchncs: a number of :tchncs: accounts (recent uploaders) don't need approval of their videos anymore.
if older users upload new content that doesn't violate the rules, they will be updated to this bypass as well. :)

our peertube instance:

about peertube:

just to give a quick update, it's still doing its thing, it looks way more promising this time - yet i wouldn't mind it being much faster :)

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If you feel like something is wrong with this instance, check my toots or check :tchncs: ... or check the announcements in the webinterface :)

sorry folks, i was almost sure that we were in sync, but now, we not only have crazy io load from the media server since mastodon is not accessing it anymore, it actually recently started moving files around again (adding and removing stuff on the target location) - i guess the best would be to give it some more time without mastodon, so we can be even more happy when everything is done - i won't miss this slow vserver any second.

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Our media is going to be unavailable for a few minutes in order to determinate if the move to the new location can finally be finalized. :)

Thanks for your patience!

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⬆️ :matrix: :tchncs: Our server has been updated to synapse v1.11.1, if you ran into an error while joining a federated room, it may be fixed.

Read more: github.com/matrix-org/synapse/

About this server: tchncs.de/matrix

About @matrix: matrix.org

I am again trying to move our media to a proper object storage solution, this time the same way which recently resulted in a frozen media server (minio). As of now it "only" results on slowdowns and sometimes failing uploads, let's see how that goes. Fingers crossed. :tchncs:

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the defective drive was replaced, synchronizing now :loading:

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ℹ️ :mastodon: :tchncs: Hey partypeople, we have a failing SSD on the machine running this instance, and one, that doesn't look too great - i will take this opportunity to migrate to a different machine with slightly better specs for the same pricing if possible (those are listed as delayed, gonna ask the support for more info)... gonna keep you updated, if something downtimish happens here, check out status.tchncs.de :)

hm. mc mirror got stuck at around 80% and the new attempt froze minio itself (this is why media didn't load for you folks) ... this is rather unfortunate :tchncs:

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ℹ️ :mastodon: Our media, which is currently stored on a virtual machine with minIO, is going to be migrated to a "proper" object storage service. A first mirror attempt has been started, the application is currently scanning through the millions of files, which may result in slower media loading times. 😇

Behold, the .de :tchncs: :matrix: server was just updated!

We are now running on Synapse v1.11! If ur curious about what changed on the serverside, check this link:

About this server: tchncs.de/matrix

:tchncs: ℹ️ The .de :peertube: instance was updated to v2.1! 🚀

Official release announcement:
🔗 joinpeertube.org/news#release-

Our instance: tube.tchncs.de

Have fun!

The .de :tchncs: :matrix: server was updated!

We are now running on Synapse v1.10! If ur curious about what changed on the serverside, check this link:

About: tchncs.de/matrix

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