welcome to the new host :tchncs: - woke up early and started maintenance 4am 💪

if not interrupted/disturbed, i will put this instance down for db maintenance (to maintain its happiness) and migration to a new host (to ensure the instance stays snappy) - around 8am CET, Jan 12.
See also: status.tchncs.de

i slowly should move mastodon to that new host... it seems that almost no timewindow is really nice for it based on user activity, but i need to do a maintenance on the database as well:
we previously had some errors due to duplicates in the db which have been resolved by hand. the new mastodon release brings a tool that can scan the database for leftovers... for a healthy migration and future.
i think i will do it tomorrow morning. :tchncs:

okey, now testing 480p and 720p transcoding for livestreams at tube.tchncs.de.

:mastodon: :tchncs: A message from your social.tchncs.de team:

In regard to the recent events regarding a certain head of state, we'd like to remind you that content containing proven misinformation and/or conspiracy is one of the things not allowed here.

In case you consider looking up the rules of this instance, you can do so here:

Your team: @Cedara @meldrian & me :)

the peertube instance at tube.tchncs.de is the first on the new machine. it will share its space with mastodon again. however currently:
* more users can signup with a hcaptcha plugin being tested
* livestreaming is testwise enabled with max 3h, 4 streams concurrently are allowed, one stream per user. transcoding currently only 480p (in addition to original)... this might change.

oh boy... the delete query is still running... good morning

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by the way, i have changed the patreon pledges to euro and hope that the payout now finally becomes euro too. :tchncs:

matrix maintenance update from 9:30p cet:
The database transaction is still running... sitting here, hoping that this huge transaction will not blow up the disk with tmp files...

The :tchncs: matrixserver is now down for maintenance, see also status.tchncs.de for updates. :)

:mastodon: ⬆️ The social.tchncs.de server has been updated to Mastodon v3.3.0.
This is a big release, check out the changelog for details: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Consider refreshing the site and enjoy. :)

updated this instance to mastodon :mastodon: v3.2.2 - a backport release. the big one some of you are already waiting for is still a release candidate. :)

updated the :tchncs: :pixelfed: instance to latest dev
..it includes many improvements and features, such as
* federated filters
* fixes to the trendingpage
* better darkmode
..and more: github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/c

by the way, while the :tchncs: forum was shut down a while ago as nobody ever used it, there still is an official room on matrix, bridged to telegram. :)

🔗 matrix.to/#/!PQOOuZmmjzGoXWzKu
🔗 t.me/tchncs

Die Verbreitung von Fehlinformation, Hass und Angst bezüglich Covid-19 und anderen Dingen nimmt zu. Diese Instanz soll ein angenehmer Ort sein, Verschwörungsmythen soll hier keine Bühne gegeben werden.

Wir gehen nun etwas strikter vor: betroffene Konten erhalten eine Warnung und mangelnde Kooperation wird zu Konto-Schließungen führen.

Einige Konten können ohne Warnung entfernt werden, wenn sie zu aggressiv handeln.

Wir gehen hierbei so faktenbasiert und fair wie möglich vor.

The T1 machine became unreachable and e.g. reboot through the webinterface is not accessible, the hoster is reporing ISP issues, so i gonna wait a minute. contabo-status.de/

Affected services: status.tchncs.de

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