whose users annoyed many of you, was blocked yesterday btw, guess i forgot to mention that.
i might have a second look on their instance later tho

peertube will go down at 1:30pm CEST as the hoster again is doing a maintenance on our network storage :tchncs:

oh wow it's saturday again – what a great day to play :veloren:!

Our server is running on nightly builds, but you still should give the 0.11 releasenotes a read, it's awesome!

Enjoy the :tchncs: -saturday :veloren: no5!
All over the map are new dangerous places with various entities such as npc's to challenge.
More cool stuff has changed, such as loots, as seen in and the upcoming 136.

Join today at

makes most fun when you build groups and explore the beautiful world together. so the more of you join our :tchncs: gameserver, the more enjoyable the game get for everybody.
join today at

Feels much longer – welcome to the third :veloren: day at :tchncs:

Meet your fellow players on our Mumble-server and fight some monsters, explore the stunning world, find out what's new and work on your equipment – will see you ingame.

Today and this weekend, our XMPP server is being worked on. You might experience a few short downtimes.
This is going to happen:
* migration from Prosody to Ejabberd
* migration to a different host


looks like stopping the automount for peertube storage fixed all the other services too lol ... our hoster currently performs a maintenance on the network storage... sorry about the unexpected downtime :tchncs:

It's been two weeks now, since the :tchncs: :veloren: server was deployed. Many players already play on a regular basis and it's great to follow the super active development of the game, while it's being rocksolid.

Join us today on Veloren Saturday, have a seat on the walls of a random castle like on the picture below ( – or roll through some dungeons with your friends!


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some of you might not have been able to post something on lately – this issue has been resolved. :tchncs:

It's been exactly one week since the :tchncs: :veloren: gameserver launched.
Veloren has proven to be very stable, fun and beautiful ✨ despite being officially still pre-alpha.

As you've voted, today is the weekly Veloren-day, where some of us – including me – try to find time to play a little more and to participate on Mumble.
(i personally sadly am a little busy for now)

All infos:

if we'd voice on the server at - where should it be?
(if you consider playing or are a player, what would you rather and actually accept?)

Already tried on our new .de server? has been improved to get you started and the ingame-chat on Discord is now properly connected to Matrix and IRC.

Also: have you read the latest Devblog?

was thinking about trying something like a saturday or something where i invite you all to play together and maybe with voice chat of some sort.
sooo... well, already looking around in that world :)

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If you are a :tchncs: :matrix: user and cannot login after the maintenance:
A few people seem to have clients that really liked the old machine and still cache the old IP. Try logging out and in again, clearing cache, restarting the client or device. If you are affected, you currently receive the error code 502.

for the veloren server and things like maintenances, i have decided to bring back to life. :tchncs:

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