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ℹ️ :mastodon: has been updated to Mastodon v2.9.2! 🚀

Sorry, i confused the notification about this follow-up release with v2.9.1 and just realized this mistake... full changelog:

ℹ️ :mastodon: has been updated to Mastodon v2.9.1! 🚀

Audio uploads are now possible, full changelog:

I wonder why ppl appear to be afraid that we‘d do an exception for this gab thing in any way while they appear to be happy with our previous moderation choices ... :tchncs: has been updated to :mastodon: v2.9.0. 🚀
there is now a single-column mode for example!

full changelog:


The :tchncs: :matrix: - server was updated to synapse v1. A bit of a delay because the rss bot flooded the chat so i missed the note xD

Sorry for the missing images, the tls certificate on the media machine didn't renew properly... it works again. :tchncs:

little follow-up:
the database of the old telegram<->matrix bridge was migrated. if your existing telegram bridge seems not to be operational yet, try the !tg sync-state command to wake the bot up :) :tchncs:

By the way, our matrix :matrix: <-> telegram :telegram: bridge appears to be operational again and we're now rocking the mautrix-telegram appservice. This means the old tutorials are no longer valid, please follow this manual: - the bot mxid is on the matrix side. :)
You can now even login for puppeting and having your telegram rooms/groups inside matrix: stuff.

feeling a bit insecure, money-wise, these day's but it is kinda my own fault and it don't really affects the server payments - however, those are right now covered by 90-100% (not sure how far the recent donor loss affects that), it would be great not to run into a situation where i'd need to rent better hardware (which is in theory the case for the matrix server actually) but cannot afford it - therefor, if you don't donate already, check out if you like. 😊

quick follow-up on the matrix :matrix: case:
the load is "better" now (still too high) and the server appears to be usable... in summary i guess i cleared about 500 extremities in the past 24h alone but the process is more efficient now and can be automated in theorie so this bottleneck is "less" of a problem.
i started migrating the telegram bridge but sadly ran into some issues.. again.. let's see if i find a solution soon™️, or i gotta move back to the old one again.

this week so far:
total users: 10912
active users: 979
interactions: 8580
:tchncs: :mastodon:

gonna shut this thing (matrix) down for maintenance again

The :tchncs: matrix server is having a little break because i try to clean up the database a little bit. The database is causing a so heavy ioload these day's that even the little minio server on this machine (and synapse) return frequent 504 errors so that the minetestserver's backup actually broke this morning. The hoster does not allow ram upgrades and a bigger machine is currently not in budget. Huge mess.

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