also: i've improved the anti-spam situation a bit for :tchncs: xmpp ppl 👌

:tchncs: :matrix: Our Matrix server has been updated to Synapse v1.6.0 🚀

ℹ️ Release announcement:

ℹ️ More about this server:

check out this new (still wip) - now much fancier site that just went online! :tchncs:

sorry partypeople, i feel like i did a wording error - the setupfee was included in that number, it does not come on top :tchncs:

infrastructure costs last month: €99,49
this month: €163,09+ (including €46,41 setup fee for the new matrix machine)

uuh :tchncs: is getting pricy xD

:tchncs: :matrix: you can do uploads on our matrix server again 🎉

:tchncs: :peertube: temporarily disabled the peertube dark-theme as it seems not to be compatible with the latest release yet

:tchncs: :matrix: just started the Telegram :telegram: and Discord bridge~

:tchncs: :matrix: presence (who is online?!) is available again

:tchncs: :matrix: The matrix-server is now running on the new machine! However, there may follow one or two very short maintenance-interruptions.
The media is still moving from the old machine to the new location and is READ-ONLY right now, so you can't alter nor upload media just yet. This is to shorten the overall maintenance like two or three days.
Bridges and stuff will be back soon™️.

Also: The server was updated to the latest synapse 😉

:tchncs: :matrix: starting a new matrix maintenance soon for moving to the new machine - moving the uploads and stuff (to a different location) is already running, still, it will slow the operation down a bit, be patient :)

:tchncs: :matrix: looks like we have to wait 'til the beginning of next week until the new machine becomes available :/
i will start matrix again soon™️ on the old one - be patient, it can take a half day until it fully recovered from the downtime 😇

:tchncs: Our community still feels a bit fragmented across the services and the website is very ..."basic" (at least the subpages need to be improved, the matrix one will be enhanced soon).
Is there something you like to see in order to make a more complete experience for you (except ldap)? Also which additional features should the website have in your opinion?

:tchncs: :matrix: i expect the new matrix setup to be somewhere between €50-55/m if everything works out, the order of the new main machine for it was just placed - i see it as an experiment and hope for features that will be released with the upcoming synapse release(s) (and stable donations lmao) 64GB of ram and 512GB of nvme ssd incoming 🔥

:tchncs: to clarify, all this is not about the mastodon instance or anything else but the matrix instance.

:tchncs: i am very close to be able to decide further steps 🤞

:tchncs: :matrix: of the current state of donations, i consider it as too risky to rent an ssd based machine of 1tb or more, and looking at xmpp or even mastodon, it is very hard to justify hardware like this for a relatively small amount of active users. it is also questionable if asking for more donations is reasonable for a monster of this scale. (3/3)

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