If you are a :tchncs: :matrix: user and cannot login after the maintenance:
A few people seem to have clients that really liked the old machine and still cache the old IP. Try logging out and in again, clearing cache, restarting the client or device. If you are affected, you currently receive the error code 502.

for the veloren server and things like maintenances, i have decided to bring forum.tchncs.de back to life. :tchncs:

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kinda tempted to spin up an experimental server - just for fun

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find your .de admin - round2
... milan forgot the sdcard and now can only provide screenshot-quality droneshots in 1280x720p 馃槶

:tchncs: insights:
website analytics dashboard: stats.tchncs.de/tchncs.de

* (outbound links (bottom) have been added just yesterday)
* tracking started june 1

:tchncs: social.tchncs.de has been updated to Mastodon v3.4.1.
It brings a number of bugfixes and updated emojis:

tube.tchncs.de has been updated. uploads can now be resumed. see what else is new: joinpeertube.org/de/news#relea
:peertube: :tchncs:

:tchncs: social.tchncs.de has been updated to Mastodon v3.4.0. It brings a long list of improvements and bugfixes: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/
Mastodon now suggests users to follow in the initial tutorial - you may control being included or excluded in social.tchncs.de/settings/prof


Due to a recent event on a different Mastodon instance, we feel like embolden you, that in case you run into a bad actor, that must be suspended asap (such as a very mean troll), you are very welcome to contact us directly, if you feel like we are acting late.

Enforcing our rules and keeping this a happy and clean place, is very important to us.

You may write to me or one of our kind moderators:
* @meldrian
* @Cedara

fyi: recent updates to the .de website include:
* "proper" first version of a contact page
* unified relevant subpages with /matrix, adding headings
* improved layout on the service-list
* fixes and improvements for smaller screens on many places
* more userfriendly modal f眉r getting/verifying my pgp key
* added pixelfed tile to the service-list
* some added translations to german
* finally proper page-metatags with fallback
* and some more little things

welcome to the new host :tchncs: - woke up early and started maintenance 4am 馃挭

if not interrupted/disturbed, i will put this instance down for db maintenance (to maintain its happiness) and migration to a new host (to ensure the instance stays snappy) - around 8am CET, Jan 12.
See also: status.tchncs.de

i slowly should move mastodon to that new host... it seems that almost no timewindow is really nice for it based on user activity, but i need to do a maintenance on the database as well:
we previously had some errors due to duplicates in the db which have been resolved by hand. the new mastodon release brings a tool that can scan the database for leftovers... for a healthy migration and future.
i think i will do it tomorrow morning. :tchncs:

okey, now testing 480p and 720p transcoding for livestreams at tube.tchncs.de.

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