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but i also needed the date_default_timezone_set("Europe/Berlin"); because otherwise it was counting backwards in production haha

i have a problem with wordpress:
there is an input field of type 'time', where the value currently looks like:

<?php echo strftime('%H:%M', $event_time_from); ?>

My issue is that it counts an hour up each time the post is saved, does anybody know why? Tried to put date_default_timezone_set('Europe/Berlin'); there too without a difference... .

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Distance 31,63 km | Time 3:18:14 | Pace 6:16 min/km | Elevation 808 m

Check out my trail running activity on Garmin Connect.

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hört doch mal auf dieses kind für eure dumme nettowerbung zu missbrauchen, das geschrei is echt grausam am morgen eh

Ten more ppl can signup on now.
The reason for these limited signups is, that i need to balance resources and matrix aside, such a potentially storage-hungry service is quite new to me. :)

was even considering to delete it, now i am happy that i didn't do so :D

fooled around a bit with yet another from previous lowlight experiment :awesome:

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Hello everyone! This beautiful instance has been upgraded to Mastodon 2.8.0!

Release blog post:

i hashtag my photos on mastodon way too rarely

ℹ️ just updated to Mastodon :mastodon: 2.8.0! 🎉

This is a very nice release with many new features, including polls,
here is the changelog:


oh, because it was rf, not ef - but still - nothing in budget :D

*checks ebay for an l-grade lens ... >2.1k€ neeeevermind xDD

made my avatar look boring for few minutes xD
(a photo i did of my self for my résumé)

did some selfies for my application and am amazed by the difference between darktable's live-preview and the export ... wondering if this is windows related as i didn't notice this on linux before ... annoying af though

hm. figured out how to paste into vim on windows: shift+rightclick

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