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i think i finally have some good news about my autofocus situation.. after the second time in service, the values are actually in range (+15 instead of >+20) - this time i tuned the af in camera rather than using the sigma dock
the photos are only cropped, nothing else has been applied

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One of the very first images i ever did when i migrated from my Sony a99 to the Sigma SD1

...tbf technically it is still violating rule #1 - but should i be this harsh? feels wrong.

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hm. now somebody reuploads huge videos to peertube with permission of the creators ... nice workaround around the rules, should check the storage soon i guess 🤦‍♂️ 😅

antragswarten, das ich bald mal die theorie machen kann... noch neun vor mir, stillstand. xD

the technician called me, and promised me that the test results have been excellent and that he is sorry. he recommended me to try newly published camera update, explained to me that the sensor always haves a hard time focussing with such bright lenses and offered me a 3rd try for calibrating it for free...with maybe even replacing the board

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können die leute nicht mal aufhören ihre mailadressen maximal mit [.] und [at] zu verunstalten und die halt stattdessen im html verschlüsseln? ich würde das begrüßen hrmpf has been suspended for flooding random people with hundreds of follows :tchncs:

lens and body are back from sigma ... frontfokus still present lmao

feels a bit awkward to ask for this tho, took me a good while to decide if i really want to ask for this

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ok, here is a little experiment:
i came to the conclusion that i gotta be more careful with the amount of hours of driving license training i do per month (my teacher recommends to speed this thing up from now on, which i'd of course like) ... but my budget doesn't really allow me to do it more than once a week so, in case somebody wants to boost this process, i've opened a money pool 😇:
(bank transfer with a short notice works too of course)

geil, planmäßigen stromausfall vergessen xD

so, geführter lernweg abgeschlossen, erste theorieprüfungssimulation in der app mit nur einer falschen frage bestanden (vermeidbarer logikfehler), es geht vorran \o/

good timing as my rx100ii yesterday got some dust behind the lens and i am not sure how to fix it, i cannot really open the body, because it is already very broken from the previous owner and opening may finally destroy it

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wohoo sigma is sending my camera and lens back, i am so curious if they got it calibrated this time (second attempt, before was without body)

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ich bin sicher der wert ist speziell fürs ärgern von fahrschülern erdacht xD

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