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:mastodon: :tchncs: has been updated to Mastodon v3.0.0 🚀

Check out this big changelog:

Web users, maybe consider refreshing the website. :)
Enjoy! 🎉

Sorry about the long slowdown, i wasn't expecting such long and heavy migrations for this Mastodon update. Our database clearly grew since the last big one. 😉
:tchncs: :mastodon:

mastodon 3 db migrations running since a good while now, i hope it's done soon lol

if your :minetest: performance is bad on windows, like frequent lags, go to settings->all settings->graphics->in-game->advanced, scroll down and select some direct3d option - this disables shaders though

see? just like the old days, i boot linux on my main machine and start to rant about it - and linux was the main os here for years 😅

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(and i am simply not in the mood / don't have the time to experiment with desktop environments and stuff)

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i guess i either gotta get a hidpi display or tweak the gnome css or both, right now i can only stand it on my thinkpad which i've upgraded to fhd which kinda resulted in a somewhat hidpi thingie. everything is just too huge, wtf do i need about 2cm of titlebar for? besides that and the sluggish cursor, i managed to partially crash gnome in like the first half hour and had enough motivation to reboot into windows for now (can't believe i write this right now)

switching operating systems:
thinkpad: boot to windows: “omg that ghosting and fan noise aaaa!”
pc: booting to archlinux: “omg that laggy sluggish cursor, aaaa!”

whoops? 3.0 release three day's ago? looks like i gotta hurry :D

der hund wälzt sich zufrieden in der einfahrt - meine stimmung erhellt sich auch langsam ... endlich wieder sonnenschein 😍

das graue herbstwetter ist aber echt übertrieben pünktlich

putting way too much time into creating an item for my minetestserver, that is only intended for halloween 😅

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Hallo Welt! Mal sehn, ob Mastodon meine Social Media Bedürfnisse stillen kann. Facebook wird dann bald endgültig abgeschossen.

while i had bad news for someone who just purchased a canon pixma printer (solus doesn't really make this easier here and i even didn't succeed with arch on my used pixma), i am very pleased to see that the hp people even created a 🐧🐧🐧🐧 banner on their linux support site (and we have an hp one here too without issues)

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