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is backblaze worth to look at compared to wasabi/amazon?

tatsächlich ein 500er durch ein png das wp nicht so recht gefallen will

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wordpress so: "HTTP-Fehler." weiß ich ja bescheid jetz...

:tchncs: :matrix: looks like we have to wait 'til the beginning of next week until the new machine becomes available :/
i will start matrix again soon™️ on the old one - be patient, it can take a half day until it fully recovered from the downtime 😇

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:tchncs: Our community still feels a bit fragmented across the services and the website is very ..."basic" (at least the subpages need to be improved, the matrix one will be enhanced soon).
Is there something you like to see in order to make a more complete experience for you (except ldap)? Also which additional features should the website have in your opinion?

neulich wurden neben dem dorf am straßenrand viele löcher für bäume vorbereitet, gestern kam die lieferung und jetzt wird das dorf plötzlich von autos geflutet und menschentrauben wandern richtung baumlöcher, krass

warum eigentlich türen... schiebetüren in wände einlassen wäre doch viel effizienter :think_bread:

the other thing i am not sure about is if i should keep the minio instance for mastodon for now (having some trouble like "goaway" errors with mc mirror lately even though it is supposed to be fixed), move it to a net drive or try to move to some object storage hoster... i don't have a "proper" creditcard (wasabi) - that's one of the problems 🤷
i am actually thinking about this for quite some time now and can't decide what to do

:tchncs: :matrix: i expect the new matrix setup to be somewhere between €50-55/m if everything works out, the order of the new main machine for it was just placed - i see it as an experiment and hope for features that will be released with the upcoming synapse release(s) (and stable donations lmao) 64GB of ram and 512GB of nvme ssd incoming 🔥

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$250 headphones be like

...never forget that batteries won't last forever and must be replaced at some point in order to continue to use the device.

hmm i guess i generally become more productive in terms of servers and stuff when the dark part of the year is there... and it becomes harder to go to bed early

blöde kurze tage... 16uhr termin, kurz vor sonnenuntergang, doof wegen hühnern und doof wegen rad

:tchncs: to clarify, all this is not about the mastodon instance or anything else but the matrix instance.

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:tchncs: i am very close to be able to decide further steps 🤞

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ich mag diese kurzen tage echt nicht ... und jetzt ist es auchnoch wieder soweit das die tränken etc. zufrieren -.-

i somehow gotta get a better photo of this some day

:matrix: ... script/help to run rust-synapse-compress-state against all rooms ... don't ignore the comments in the script, do backups ... hope it helps somebody


:tchncs: :matrix: of the current state of donations, i consider it as too risky to rent an ssd based machine of 1tb or more, and looking at xmpp or even mastodon, it is very hard to justify hardware like this for a relatively small amount of active users. it is also questionable if asking for more donations is reasonable for a monster of this scale. (3/3)

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