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also interesting to read about my english-improvements since that post 😇

if i read correctly, it's been 4 years since i quit smoking, and i don't miss it at all.

here is a very long, two years old article i wrote about it:

i replaced it with vaping, but more or less by accident. i then discorvered the evironmental footprint and costs of replacement parts due to planned obsolescence (and expensive alternative parts), luckily after switching conditionings in favor of vaping, at this point... it simply was a stubbern decision. got a more beautiful service overview now, i hope you like it. :)

next up... maybe german locale and less ugly subpages^^
(and that overview thing needs better support for some smaller screen sizes)

working on a little update for the website :3

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Guten Abend! Unser weltberühmter Lauf Chat zu finden unter ist dank @MrVocalplay und @milan nun auch über Telegram erreichbar. Hier der link dafür

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my bluetooth headphones misbehave on windows - they keep showing up as hands free device with this terrible sound.
reinstalling dongle driver, dism/sfc didn't help, unpairing only works visibly but not actually this point i would consider this being at least as bad, if not even a worse situation as i am used from linux. grr.

ich glaub mir ist da eben beim eis essen was amalgam kaputt gegangen (plötzlich zwei so metallartige stücke im mund, jetzt ist da was scharfkantiges am zahn - und der hat eine entsprechende füllung, durch einen aufmüpfigen zahnarzt damals)

:tchncs: i am sorry and quite a bit confused about this little downtime! (around 9:45pm cet) (nerdy bit below) 

:tchncs: 🔧 ✅ Sorry, the maintenance took longer than expected, but it's now done and everything but the time went as planned. :)

This instance may be a bit slow in the beginning, as it needs to catch up with the fediverse again.

:tchncs: ⚠️ the planned maintenance is starting very soon, hold on something. :)

:tchncs: ℹ️ Hey friends, there is a little maintenance on the machine serving this instance incoming!
I will try to do it by tomorrow morning (CET), otherwise I will do it in the evening instead, and will toot about it again.

I expect to be somewhere between 5 or 30 minutes max.

Also check out our status page:

there is a bot that liked all my recent toots by now ... it really wants to go it seems :D

um die tausend euro kann ich jetzt für BE einplanen meint der fahrlehrer (erste stunde eben gehabt) - also ich hab mir echt keine günstige fahrschule ausgesucht, aber immerhin bin ich da sauber durch die B-prüfung gegangen und der fahrlehrer ist nicht aus der ruhe zu bringen 🤷
...aber ein glück hat sich noch kein auto gefunden bei den extra ausgaben jetzt lol

ich find das so witzig und sinnlos, dass sich das scharfe reisgebäck mit "verpackt in den niederlanden" bewirbt, aber schmecken tuts mega geil!

tried text to speech in my notes and spent so much time correcting (mainly english words in german sentences) that i would have been at least as fast just typing everything in 🤷

:tchncs: :matrix: Our Matrix server has been updated to Synapse v1.7.3🚀

ℹ️ Release announcement:

☝️ also the Telegram-bridge was updated to v0.7.0 recently:

ℹ️ More about this server:

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