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what storage providers do you recommend? my current one is too unreliable and frequently breaks (or keeps them locked) my backups due to timeouts...

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langsam bin ich mit dieser hetzner storagebox durch :angry_trump:

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kann man irgendwo badeseen bestellen?

hm.. didnt know rm also goes after contents in a cifs mount ... while i was sure it wasnt mounted... but it's gone. :think_bread:

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Seven 'no log' VPN providers were hacked, exposing 1.2 TB worth of user logs. Data includes plaintext passwords, IP addresses, timestamps of user connections, session tokens, information of the device, and OS being used along with geographical information in the form of tags.

The VPN providers affected are UFO VPN, FAST VPN, Free VPN, Super VPN, Flash VPN, Secure VPN, and Rabbit VPN. If you have an account with one of these providers, I strongly suggest you delete your account immediately and if you use the same password you use for your VPN account on any other website (which you should never do), change it ASAP.

More info here:

:tchncs: :pixelfed: update
* experimental instance
* federation seems to work except avatars in notifications and ...comments, which worked yesterday but fail to arrive today
* using netstorage for now as s3 url was malformed, but will retry

i shall listen to nightwish again - it's been a long time

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moderating peertube is annoying, most videos to review violate the rules, some are unclear and/or far away from languages i know, there can be very cruel trash, even - i think i will not increase the number of allowed accounts too quicky

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⚠️ :tchncs: Partypeople, something has changed:
The old bankaccount can/should no longer be used for donations, as this kind of usage is violating the terms of service for the account-type i selected to protect me against bad actors.
If you chose to donate monthly (thank you so much!), please update your bankers order to the new account, which is now listed at

Sorry for the inconvenience 😇

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Hi, I just moved from here.

Am a student, use, my Laptop runs Linux, I play openRA and my interests are data protection and privacy.

I am happy to discuss :mastodance: , play OpenRA. 💗the island of Sylt

da werfen hühner hühnermist aus dem hänger

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Heute ist Welt-Emoji-Tag
Google malt für Android 11 noch mehr und die schönsten hat dennoch hat :mastolove:

Spieglein Spieglein an der Wand, wer hat die schönsten Emoji im Land?

ok , ihr habt die schönsten hier, aber die 'ten haben 1000x schönere als Ihr.


little maintenance at the matrixserver, sorry for the interruption, i am now interrupted myself as i have to visit our chickens quickly :/

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