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on the other hand the old url luckily still works.... for now ^^

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okey, looks good, let's see how storage usage develops ... but how do i add the redirect for the previous external objectstorage now... too bad that i didn't learn about this nginx feature earlier...

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just enabled media caching... lets see if stuff still works...

@wuffel in dem kontext steht tatsächlich mein mastoadmin post da... ich würde den gerne selbst nutzen umso mehr tuts mir weh jetzt doch mal leute zu sehen, die den nicht nutzen können... ich könnte aufs netzlaufwerk fürs caching ausweichen aber ich trau dem nicht so... ._. @bekopharm

how much percentage of media is being cached from objectstorage by your nginx (and how long do you let it cache?)

- matrix around 550 GB media
- mastodon 284 GB media

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Vor 3 Tagen bebastelte ich meine aktuelle Lieblingstrommel und verpasste ihr einen Anschluß für Mikrokabel und ein Mikro, welches in der Trommel einfach verbleibt.
Das hat bei Livesessions Vorteile:
1. Das Ding ist blitzschnell und easy angeschlossen
2. Niemand haut mir den Mikrofongalgen weg.

Billigmikro, ein SM57-Clone. Ich bin gespannt, wie lang das Ding die 130dB direkt in die Fresse durchhält.
1 Min Testaufnahme mit eingemischten noisy Störgeräuschen.

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#PeerTube 2.4 is out!
Improved moderation tools, better playlist management, an annotations plugin and many more new features!
Check it all out here:

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Kommt vorbei, lässt uns über FLOSS Smarthome reden!

Come and let us speak about FLOSS Smarthome!

Matrix Room

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on the other hand i keep imagine typos and stuff, so maybe i am in luck and didn't forget the '-' - dunno, but happy that it works now
@yngmar @nerdosoph @eljay @stardenver

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pff. fixed by re-pairing 🤷‍♂️
i wonder if i have confused the apple support because i didn't use the '-' lol maybe this is why they have doublechecked if it really works for me now. xD
@yngmar @nerdosoph @eljay @stardenver

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look at me, i am another person whose apple pen died.
i am sure that i left it alone for longer before but this time it is not at 5-10% battery, it's dead. and it does not poweron, even after having it on the ipad over the night.
it was handy for mostly signing documents (originally i wanted to draw but this didn't quite happen - maybe would be more fun on an ipad pro anyway) but i dont feel like buying one again if this happens so easily.

when only one mom is available, only one mom is used.

wasnt even sure if i wanted to toot this and now it broke all personal records in terms of favs.

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