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i am having this issue where my bluetooth headphones are registering as handsfree device so they sound terrible since a long time now.
all tutorials on this i found/was pointed to didn't help - including :(

so until here its leaving me just as disappointed as with their integration of this 3rd party text editor, which i tried to let people of a project use... it turned into chaos because it does not actually let people work on the same document as etherpad/gdocs but rather just let each access and modify it at the same time which results in a mess.

...and that onlyoffice thing appears to have a quite old bug where changes dont get saved as i read 🙄

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trying collabora on ... first impressions:

* docs have been missing one nginx path
* damn this really is leaflet (scrolling is loading tiles), ugh
* damn that delay when i click on something / anywhere in my sheet
* ah my cost calculation is just as broken (backgrounds turn white on conditions) as in my regular libreoffice
* my (libreoffice) document with forms in it is showing up without forms

not happy about how long it takes until calendar changes the calendar font color to white - background has to be way too dark in my opinion.

deck tasks are spamming my tasks tasks

i like how powerful the 2do app is - trying it with nextcloud right now

mönsch, da hat schonwieder eine led birne aufgegeben, verdammte geplante obsoleszenz 💡

landratswahl dürfte meiner bescheidenen meinung nach garnicht gelten: wahlbeteiligung nur 40,6% - bürgermeisterwahl "immerhin" 55,1%

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natürlich liegt der cdu fritze bei der hiesigen bürgermeister-wahl bei erstauszählung mit abstand vorne, gefolgt vom jungen spd fritzen, und die ubl frau hat keine chance 🙄

...und natürlich gewinnt ein cdu fritze bei der landratswahl ... immerhin nicht der afd typ

me: *finally start editing a boatload of photos*

also me: *realizes that it is past sundown, and that screencolor is off*

so many bots to delete every day these days


(iso500, f/1.8, shutter 25s - unedited)

trying to sort footage, file explorer keeps failing at refreshing so i see myself constantly ctrl+r - which doesn't even work all the time - i hate it, should try hackintoshin again

oh great, now bots are starting to spam with comments

dieser moment, wenn man nervös auf die uhr schaut und eigentlich am liebsten die nacht durchmachen würde um weniger zeitdruck zu haben

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