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video basically done since two hours ... still searching for fitting cc music :angry_trump:

uuuh meine erste begegnung mit niedrigem risiko

cant download gdrive share with firefox
cant download gdrive share with chrome

...downloading with edge now lmao

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Behold, our masterbuilder and moderator Elvas just finished overhauling our beautiful Spawnpoint and made it even fancier. ✨

Explore it today at

i read that rebuild-index will help, so i gotta have even more patience now

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let me just quickly extract that restic snapshot to a local machine to test something ...



let me just wait some hours and just hope that 'restic check' will help me fixing that odd repo errors

... no errors reported, still unable to load the index 🙄

bin jetzt piratenmilan mit narbe im gesicht arrr! ☠️

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mich heute unter zeitdruck in der apotheke beraten lassen weil das im gesicht von neulich wohl zu ner narbe wird ... und jetzt stelle ich fest, die creme ist natürlich ausgerechnet von bayer 🙄

found a workaround! switching between ttys lmao

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i temporarely got a t495s and cant get the screen to wake up on resume, dafuq.
(ryzen, amdgpu, 5.8.x kernel)

macos big sur is similar to gnome: waste of screenspace everywhere (especially window titlebars)

if i was in the market for a new iphone right now, i would want the mini but with lidar. how unfortunate.

so since my money situation improved a bit over this year, i today came to the conclusion that i should move my windows, which i (sadly) still use for the photography related stuff to an nvme ssd. Crucial P2 CT1000P2SSD8 it is... never went for this brand before, i hope its a good choice...

statt mit der üblichen maus, kam die katze grad mit ner scheibe brot auf den hof gelaufen :think_bread:

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eben was vorderfußlastiger umhergegangen und zu dem schluss gekommen, dass mein fuß wirklich noch nicht bereit für den nächsten lauf ist. *seufts*

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