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A herd of bison around the corner from us. Unfortunately taken with backlight, but it was beautiful on the spot. 📷 is by the way my wallpaper on desktop and laptop, across operating systems... thats the first time i made a photo of mine a wallpaper. kind of a milestone i guess. 🌟

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added more synapse workers today - its quite visible muaha

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couldn't find anything, maybe i am searching wrong:
it looks like my :archlinux: resumed a firefox download this night while being in suspend. it was not finish at the time of waking up the computer so it either happened after some time midnight or was slow.
i also do not recall resuming the download that i had interrupted by a reboot last night.

what could have happened here? i am not aware of random wake-ups of this machine... :think_bread:

hmm when i have installed arch, i somehow also changed the bios from raid to ahci - which is fine - except for windows. i was able to boot it by switching back, then i wanted to boot into safemode in order to enable ahci in windows... this did not work, but now i get the "inaccessible boot device" bsod in both modes. ... AND safemode which now popped up as an option after it fails to repair itself, after the command to enable it somehow didn't trigger it.

not sure how to continue from here.

just realized that gnome / native apps do not support this rightclick,pull,release feature anymore 😭

in der zwischenzeit sind sämtliche tränken außer betrieb ☃️

darf jetzt gerne auch wieder wärmer werden, das dafür die hühnertränken wieder gehen... (die von den beiden großen ställen gehen noch, das könnte sich aber bald ändern)

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Gibt es echt keine Alternative zu Nextcloud? Ich finde die Idee und Philosophie dahinter ja spitze. Aber ich habe schon so oft Probleme damit gehabt.

Es muss doch eine Alternative dazu geben.

PS: nicht böse gemeint, aber es hilft mir jetzt nicht, wenn ihr selbst noch keine Probleme mit NC hattet^^

huch, schonwieder halb 10... keine ahnung wie das passiert ist, aber genau das meine ich 🤷

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recht entspannter gut gelaunter tag gewesen... aber war dafür seltsam früh sehr spät

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