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We’re incredibly proud to launch our Fairphone 4 today. 📱🌿
When we became profitable last year, we proved to the industry that there’s a market for ethical & sustainable products. The Fairphone 4 aims to prove that this market is becoming mainstream.

:( it is so mean

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warum glauben die dass relevant ist, was dieser merz fritze zur wahl sagt?

okey, genug politspekulationen für dieses jahr

impressive... the matrix server will soon be at 8k users

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Updated Version:
Another quick shot out of the driving car (still not the driver).
Originally it was very dark already - with these settings, the old apsc sensor likely would have created a mess... this one did too but with way more pixels, still looking good zoomed out. 😂
-> f/8, iso800, 1/640s, 70mm (no converter)

#sunset #forest #bridge #nature #photography

(and kinda mean: it tends to hide until exporting the image from lightroom)

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not sure if it's visible well when reuploaded here, but noise can look cool sometimes .... sometimes xD

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Quick shot out of a driving car (i wasn't the driver) – i think i'll retake a less experimental photo here in the future...

f/8, 1/640s, iso800, 140mm, (i think) without the converter... yet with vignetting, without lens profile as i like the original distortion more.
#sunset #landscape
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🐑 relaxing in the evening sun
f/5.6, 1/250s (not enough here it seems), iso125, at 250 mm using converter
#sheep #sunset

i wonder if this happens due to the converter... should compare a bit more

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interesting... retried two days ago with the sigma lens and the x2 converter. this time i think, (manual) focus worked althrough i was sabotaged on the tripod-level – by a cat that followed me.
however already starting at the tree, the picture breaks apart... this is also to see on the corn left (see next toot)

Show thread whose users annoyed many of you, was blocked yesterday btw, guess i forgot to mention that.
i might have a second look on their instance later tho

i suppose i should restart to windows now to finish up some photo and video editing... will miss my linux 😭

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