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mmh the edges are softer than expected/hoped in many testimages so far... this might become problematic in some situations :think_bread:

but for my current budget, this might be okey for now... currently prioritizing a proper, used 70-200, let's see what i have purchased, the seller does not respond. hoping to get what was photographed, not what was described lol

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here is another shot
(reposted due to a late night error in the edit ;))

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even tho that's an experimental photo, i quite like it.
that's with the cheap all-manual 14mm f2.8 lens btw

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that sheeps back there motivated me to take a photo into these vines ... worked out great with 14mm fullframe 😂

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@milan der ist total super! Hast du dir Noise schon gegeben? Eine Empfehlung!

grr da versuchen sich schonwieder leute mit verschwörungsmythen und tötlicher impfung etc auf peertube breitzumachen. einer bewirbt aufnahmen dieser demos in einem video auf devtube, so eine verschwendung von ressourcen.

how nice of my macbook to offer me a macos update... not so nice tho, that it disables network connection for all the other clients in this network.

the initial pricing of canon rf lenses already is much more than it was with their ef mount versions it seems. sad.
just risked the canon 70-200 2.8L for a bit less than 800 € on ebay. in the hope to get sharper images than with the old sigma version (which i have returned already). the seller did advertise it like the oldest (2.8) version from 1995, but the bad images show IS. 🤞

ursprünglich skeptisch reingeklickt, suchte ich nun den Cui Bono podcast... wirklich gut

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geil, mal wieder gemüsechips gönnen, lange her

schon ne weile her... das zelt war echt ne challenge xD 📷

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