glad to hear the pleroma team is joining the bit torrent bandwagon see you on the other side :)
since the things blocking 1.1 being branched have been resolved, we plan to branch Pleroma 1.1 friday morning, with hopefully a Pleroma 1.1.0 release by Halloween.

Pinafore: Oh my god this is so much better it's not even funny. It has hotkeys, correct focusing, EXTERNAL PROFILE LINKS. I checked the github and it turns out 'accessibility' is a goal, so no wonder. Accessibility breeds ease of use and coherency for the most part.

shitposting about the apple event 

Apple finally announced the release date and pricing for Apple Arcade and here are all the games announced for the service so far

whooppee i am following so many here even when it is a foreign place, at least a bit of it is.

Mark of the Beastro vegan cafe
Adress: 666 State St
Wifi: seitanic

I'm gonna like this place

Aw crap. It just hit me.

- Windows with WSL
- VS Code
- Github
- Linkedin
- Skype
- MineCraft

I'm back to being a Microsoftie. :(

That sucks about as bad as being an Apple Fanboi.

Apple unveils new 10.2-inch iPad - Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Apple today squeezed in a surprise product announcement during ... more:

Excited to share our extended vision for helping to Bring Apps to Life: Create. Adapt. Protect. Heal. Learn more at #NGINXConf 

Help shape future releases of #NGINX software and services. Apply to our Early Access Program at , and vote on our roadmap priorities at 


It is deleted now, just to concentrate on this one .

Talk at Datenspuren


Self-sovereign, Decentralised Identity Management and Personal Data Sharing

Minor changes on schedule can still occur!

Workshop at Datenspuren

GNUnet workshop - let's fix the Net!

Quick introduction into GNUnet a new network protocol stack for building secure, distributed, and privacy-preserving applications, followed up by a hands-on installing and using GNUnet.

Minor changes on schedule can still occur!

What day is it? Its only Tuesday. Whether that's good news or bad to you, I hope you have a good one.

It is deleted now, just to concentrate on this one .

I just found out i had an Account with the other email/ account set up, the sonny boy Account...😆

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