Y’all, do not ever use Groupon+. They monitor every transaction you make with the card you used to sign up, even if it’s not a transaction using a Groupon.

I know because I’m sitting at a restaurant and just got an email from Groupon saying I’d missed out on a deal. They figured out I was at that restaurant by tracking my credit card. I disabled it as soon as I got the email but they must have tracked me for months.

Regular Groupon is fine as far as I know. It’s Groupon+ that tracked me.

I’m kind of surprised they were so blatant about it. They could have gone on monitoring my purchases indefinitely, and I would have had no idea. But instead they sent me an email that said, in essence, “hey, we were monitoring your purchases and noticed you missed a chance to save some money”. Like they were doing me a favor.

Ok, in their defense, they do say in the fine print that they’re doing that. But of course I didn’t notice, and of course most people won’t.


Honestly though, from their advertisement here (germany) I got the impression of their app tracking your location constantly..?
It may be another branch, though, or because we don't yet use credit cards as much, here.

@kafkaesqueNomad I have their app set to use my location data only while I'm using the app, which I wasn't at the time. They tracked me via my credit card.

If you click through the thread, you can see that I screenshotted the fine print where they gave themselves the ability to do that.

@kafkaesqueNomad Oh, never mind, you were responding to the screenshot. Ignore my bit about clicking through. I thought you had only seen the first post, since that was the one that got all the boosts. Sorry!


Don't worry, I appreciate the pointer either way. You taking the time to write that instead of ...perhaps rolling your eyes and moving on to save yourself the trouble (which I know some people tend to do) is by default a feature.

@morganth This thing would not be legal under the GDPR. It seems that the US still is the wild west.

@wictory @morganth

It would be legal if he agreed the terms of service. But he could ask for the data and ask for their destruction. And he would also have several other rights related to such data, such as knowing about any sort of leak, about transfer to third parties and so on... #GDPR

@Shamar @morganth you are probably right. However it's should be possible to know what data from which companies are aggregated.

'Someone' should make a database of the connections between companies and organisations that are allowed when various agreement are in place between a given data subject and a company/organisation.

If you are in the European union, you may request all data they have about you. And also you may request its destruction.

@Kasil I'm in NYC, so it's legal as far as I know. The fine print seems to let them do it.

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