Why do we say someone is “in” a movie but “on” a TV show?


I should probably explain that hashtag, . Back in the Usenet days (I know, I’m old), we used “FOAK” in subject lines to designate a fact-based question we were looking for an answer to. The idea was that Usenet contained so many knowledgeable people that we were collectively the Font Of All Knowledge.

I’d love it if that caught on as a hashtag here; I’d really enjoy following the tag and seeing if I could answer any of the questions.

@morganth I really miss the golden age of #usenet . Reddit is not the same thing (for example: is a centralized private owned service)


Never heard of #FOAK, thanks for explaining it! So far, I'm using #AskAFriend for the usecase you describe. (Somtimes getting answers, sometimes not..)

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