And the Lord did speak, but His followers could not hear.

And His followers cried out to him, "Lord, Thou art on mute."

And the Lord did try to press the button to go off of mute, and did actually share his screen.

And his followers did see his open tabs, and were much dismayed.

Wow, this blew up. Pleas subscribe to my Patr…yeah, we don’t do that here.

@morganth And the Lord sayeth, "I am here. I am not a cat."


And the Lord did turn off His screen share and enabled His camera. Lo, His camera had lost its way and was not pointing towards the Lord.

And the people did say "Dear Lord, where art thou trousers?"

And so today concludes our Zoom lesson

In @jesus name, Amen

@morganth "We shall walk among the Lord in all his hentai filled glory!"

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