The Sixth Sense was a very weird sequel to The Fifth Element. And The Seventh Seal just muddied things further.

@morganth You've got to admit though that the segue from Dinner at Eight to Nine Bullets was exquisite.

@dredmorbius @morganth 10 Little Indians was a good crime caper, shame Poirot never solved Ocean's 11, but the trial in 12 Angry Men would've let them off anyway.

@morganth Fifty First Dates and Gone In Sixty Seconds kind of did a "two numbers" thing, but then with The Third Man they just gave up on that... It should have been Seventy Third Men.

@morganth it was weird they tried to end the series prematurely with The Last Starfighter, but I'm glad they kept going.

@screenbeard @morganth I remember a review commenting on the ominous nature of the title of "The NeverEnding Story II".

@morganth i totally missed the seventh seal (probably a good thing too) and just opted for seveneves =/

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