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Someone commented this on my git repo. I can finally die in peace now.

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In times of darkness, suffering and injustice, the People's and Women's Protection Units are consolation and bring power and hope to the people.

Biji & ! ✌️

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I am the ultimate gamer. How did I get this way? Not by playing mere videogames, my friend. I became the ultimate gamer by using this little device to farm Amazon gift cards from my health insurance's step tracking app.

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Bei der Rede von @MartinaRenner@twitter.com heute im BT auf dem Video bei YT um 5:14 zeigt Gauland den Hitlergruß. Ic hoffe sehr stark dass das noch folgen haben wird für den Alt-Nazi. youtube.com/watch?v=XsiK68TWHz

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forgot to stop the recording before i took off my mocap suit..

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